All Air HVAC Service is your independent Trane dealer, offering products with premium materials and time-tested designs that deliver legendary reliability! Here is a small sample of Trane’s residential furnaces and air conditioners –

  • XR95 Furnaces: High efficiency single-stage
    operation with an equal emphasis on comfort and efficiency, this furnace
    converts 95% of the fuel it uses into warm, cozy heat.
  • XR Air Conditioners: Stay comfortable and energy
    smart with a SEER of up to 17.0 and featuring the Climatuff compressor, sound insulators, and corrosion and leak resistance.
  • XR Heat Pumps: Reliable heating and cooling all
    year long.  An efficient system lowers your energy costs and lowers your impact on the environment.

For information on these and the full line of residential and commercial Trane heating and cooling products, contact All Air HVAC Service, your independent Trane dealer.